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Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Bethlehem, PA

Whether you are updating your existing home or office or have a new one, one of the most popular remodeling options is updating flooring. With so many choices and directions to go, it's hard to know what the best option is. Well, our luxury vinyl flooring in Bethlehem, PA, is a popular choice for a variety of reasons, including its:

Durability in High-Traffic Areas

Comfort Underfoot

Noise Reduction

Affordability for Most Budgets

Easy Maintenance

Because of some of the advances in manufacturing technology over the years, luxury vinyl tile and planks can be practical as well as economical. Stop by our showroom to explore our selection. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

We all have busy schedules, so anything that helps us cut time and make life easier is a bonus. At Bethlehem Gallery of Floors, we know you'll love how beautiful vinyl and how easy it is to clean. Just a simple sweeping or mopping will clean up spills and protect against stains. Our luxury vinyl flooring is resistant to water and other liquids, so germs and bacteria don’t have a chance to seep below the surface. This makes these floors are ideal if you have small children crawling around.

Strong Advantages of LVT

The most significant advantage to installing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is, of course, the visual appeal. This flooring is versatile enough to take on the characteristics of wood or stone, embossed or textured surfaces. It's difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish it from the real thing. The wide variety of patterns and styles available at our showroom makes it easy to give your home or office a truly unique look.

LVT is typically thicker than the traditional vinyl products, hence improving its performance. It's much softer and can withstand conditions that natural materials can't. The thickness of this type of flooring adds to the sound absorption, heat insulation, and overall comfort when you walk across it.

Luxury vinyl flooring is so advantageous if you have a busy lifestyle that includes children and pets. It is resistant to water damage, so those accidents don't cause as much panic for parents. Kids can be kids and pets can do what they do best--provide entertainment and affection for the whole family.

The Ever Popular Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl planks are quickly becoming another favorite among new homeowners for a number of reasons, including durability, affordability, and ease of maintenance. Best of all, advances in manufacturing allow this flooring to mimic varnished and stained wood, giving you the chance to combine the hardwood look you love with the unique advantages of luxury vinyl.

There are so many choices, and it can certainly seem a little overwhelming. Reach out to our experienced staff and they can answer any questions you have.

Contact our professional vinyl flooring staff today for all your home and office needs. We proudly serve Bethlehem, PA, and the surrounding area.

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