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Vinyl Flooring in Bethlehem, PA

Experience the versatility and easy maintenance of vinyl flooring by visiting our store. Available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and sizes, luxury vinyl tile flooring is an ideal option for virtually any room in your house. Its water-resistant and durable nature means it stands up well to heavy foot traffic, spills, and the test of time.

With today’s advanced technology, you can have the look of high-end flooring at an affordable cost. Vinyl’s ability to hold printed designs makes it perfect for people who prefer the look of natural stone or wood but appreciate the easy maintenance of vinyl sheet flooring. Get in touch with our friendly staff to choose your new floors and schedule installation. 

Protect Your Home with Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tile flooring is known for its resilient and long-lasting nature, making it perfect for use in any room. While many people think of vinyl as being a material only used in kitchens and bathrooms, it has become very popular in all rooms for its easy maintenance and hypoallergenic properties. This flooring doesn’t trap dust and pet hair, so with regular sweeping and mopping, you’re sure to experience relief from allergies and even asthma in some cases.

If you enjoy the look of natural stone and porcelain floors but prefer something more affordable and durable, vinyl tile floors are an ideal choice for any room in your house. Because it’s able to hold any printed look, vinyl is capable of mimicking virtually any material, making it a truly versatile flooring option.

Caring for vinyl sheet flooring and other types of vinyl are simple. As long as you promptly clean up any dust, dirt, or debris with a broom or vacuum and periodically clean it using a special vinyl cleaning solution, your floors are sure to look great and function properly for many years. This flooring is the perfect option for busy homeowners with active households.

Natural wood flooring offers an elegant look that is timeless and stylish. With vinyl plank flooring, you’re able to enjoy all the beauty and style of hardwood with the added benefits of vinyl material. Having children or pets no longer means you can’t enjoy the appearance of wood floors, because vinyl planks are resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture. Enjoy the appearance of hardwood floors in a format that is easier to care for and adds beauty to any room for many years to come.

Get the Job Done Right with Vinyl Flooring Installation

Once you’ve chosen a beautiful new floor for your home or business, rely on our experienced technicians to provide vinyl flooring installation to make your investment last long and look great. Whether you choose a unique mosaic of vinyl tiles or the natural appearance of plank floors, our installation specialists ensure that your floors are installed properly, maximizing the lifespan of your new investment. In addition, we offer one of the industry’s best warranties, so you can be perfectly confident in your flooring upgrade.


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